Controls: WASD

We are aware of a couple of bugs dependent on how you are accessing the game. For the best experience please play full screen, and if the nanny doesn't spawn on your second playthrough, you can press CTRL + ALT + R to reset. All assets were created during the jam.


With his Dads away, you best believe this tot is gonna play!

Help Totzilla to destroy Block City and avoid The Babysitter. If they catch you, all progress is halted, as they take you back to the edge of the city. 

A little-known fact about babysitters is that they tidy impulsively out of fear that they won't get paid. So watch out and use your destructive powers to block their path with rubble as they won't be able to resist the urge to clean up.

Destroy as much of the city as you can before Dads get back!



Programming and Project Manager: Troels Windekilde // //

Level Designer: Cian Laffey // Project Crux

Narrative Designer: Sadie Jarvis // @JarvisSenseittv

Writer: Brynmore Richards // @eatchillis

Character Artist, Animator, Cutscene Illustrator: Beck Hemsley // @beckh_art

Environment Artist, HUD designer, QA: Vicki Cook // @GeekyPixels

Sound Designer: Charlotte Crosland // @ccroslandmusic

Composer: Karlo Sarabia // @kamblammo

Voice Acting

Newsreader: Sadie Jarvis

Totzilla: Charlotte Crosland

Babysitter: Beck Hemsley

Dad: Akmal Syed

Daddy: Brynmore Richards


Team Coalesce
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsGuanomancer, GeekyPixels, Brynmor Richards, JarvisSensei, ProjectCrux, Beck H Art, kammo, Charlotte Crosland
Made withUnity
Tags3D, blocks, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Funny, LGBT, Physics, Queer, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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Great game, great take on the jam theme; everything fit together so well!

A well conceived and nicely executed game. I really enjoyed the story telling leading in to and out of the game. 

Nice art, Plays well and i have never played a game like this. Good job.

Really fun ... can't get the tune out of my head now.  Love the artwork and animation.

Hahaha!!! Brilliant little game. Fun, cute, destruction! Love the voice overs and concept.